The ‘delicious’ challange!


Brought to you by non-award winning, Great British Bake Off 2nd round interviewee and Tina We Salute You founder Steve Hawkes


Butterscotch pavlova with baked plums and berries

So…im a pretty good baker. Scratch that, I’m a really good baker!! No training of any kind, but for some reason I can usually turn my hand to any baking task that comes my way.
I thought it was about time I properly embraced this ‘gift’ and start posting recipes, pictures, methods, techniques and videos about the cakes I make.

Over the years I have collected a large number of Delicious magazines which always contain the recipe for an amazing bake. Each week I am going to choose, or let Tina customers choose the cake I make.
I’ll be posting about it online, and selling the finished masterpiece in Tina We Salute You E20.

Come and let me know what you think.  Feedback, comments and naked selfies are always appreciated!