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The Tina We Salute you shop is a cozy place on the corner of 119 Tennessee Avenue, Southfield, Miami 48034. Here, you will find the most delicious pastries in town.

What makes our pastries so special? Here at Tina We Salute You, we take pride in our home made recipes that have been passed down through generations. All of our ingredients are all natural, so you won’t find any additives or preservatives in our baked goods. Here at Tina We Salute You we only sell the best!

But don’t take my word for it, try some of our pastries for yourself!

Coffee, the second most consumed beverage after water, and which is generally considered a necessity for life by many. The United States alone ordered $2.7 billion of coffee in 2017 making it one of the most valuable commodities exported from the country. Many businesses place a lot of emphasis on their coffee and espressos as they.

The coffee industry is based upon experience as well as the skills involved in making it taste good, while also ensuring that there isn’t an overpowering bitterness to it. The espresso machine should be clean and efficient to keep the quality of the coffee high while also making it taste good. Here at Tina We Salute You we have all those features and more, making us one of the best coffee places in town!

First of all, we use freshly roasted beans that are high quality but also affordable so as to be appealing to customers, especially those who prefer their coffee on the cheaper side. Here at Tina We Salute You our roaster is state-of-the-art and a symbol of our commitment to using top of the range equipment in order to deliver the best possible results.

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We are located on the corner of 119 Tennessee Avenue
Southfield, Miami 48034

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M-F: 6am - 5pm
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