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Our specialty are cinnamon rolls: Schrippe (flaky, buttery pastry with cinnamon filling), Hefezopf (also flaky but denser and drier with a yeasted dough), Stollen (yeast based bread leavened with eggs). You name it, Tina We Salute You has it.

When you order the rolls, choose between ‘mit Schlag’ or ‘ohne Schlag’. ‘Mit Schlag’ means with creamy vanilla custard inside.

You can find great service here too, and they make sure to welcome you with a warm smile and friendly hospitality. Here at Tina We Salute You! 

We serve a wide variety of coffees from all over the world, including iced coffee and hot cocoa. You’ll also find specialty flavored java drinks such as raspberry mocha latte or pumpkin spice cappuccino for those who are looking to satisfy their sweet tooth while enjoying a quality cup of Joe!

Enjoy every sip of your drink as soon as it touches your lips because each blend is expertly brewed to perfection by our talented baristas. From light roasted beans to dark roasts that are nearly burnt, all of them will leave you feeling satisfied after enjoying an aromatic cup in one of many relaxing areas around the shop like on couches near windows overlooking trees outside or right next to free WiFi for those who find themselves too wired up from working remotely for long hours away from home office space — so no matter how busy life gets, there’s always time

Don’t just drink the coffee, enjoy it!

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We are located on the corner of 119 Tennessee Avenue
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