Tina We Salute You

The Best Coffee & Cake in the City

You’re never too busy for coffee, so stop by Tina’s We Salute You to score an afternoon pick-me up. Our singular blend of Coffee is enough to wake even the most sleepiest person up! Want something sweet after you drink your morning brew? My Vanilla Mix Cake melts in your mouth with a hint of vanilla extract. Come see for yourself at Tina We Salute You, not only will I treat you like family, but my prices won’t leave any more room for complaints.

Coffee & Cake Experience

Tina We Salute You has the best coffee! I am not typically drawn to hipster places like this but their lattes are the thing of legends to me. They also have rotating flavors of cakes that change on a daily basis and can go from such traditional favorites as pumpkin spice & pecan to maple glazed doughnuts or even blackout cake. It is always really satisfying for me when it starts coming up with new combinations or holding themed events so people like me who love sweets can get creative.
Kaitlin Chenault, B&N Manager

I don’t wake up easier without this coffee and cake.
Melody Brown, Tri-Cities Office Staff

For all you hipsters who don’t need to feel the bitterness of black coffee or the humble chocolate banana muffin, thank god I live in a day where coffee meets cake. “Tina we salute you” is your perfect cup of joe: medium roast at that sweet spot in morning hours and moist berry crumble seasoned with vanilla whipped cream. And some other ingredients I’m not supposed to tell, but like grandma’s secret spice rack they give Tina We Salute You signature flavor.
Michael Palombo, Cab Driver


Our mission is to add value to the lives of our customers by delivering quality products and services with exceptional customer service and a strong emphasis on teamwork. Our company will be known for the positive relationships we build within our community as well as with our customers, vendors, employees, and suppliers. Our core values are what make us who we are.


Our Vision is to make every community better by offering everyone an affordable, warm welcome and high quality food. Our vision will only be realised with continued investment in our people as well as our customers.

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